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DIY Moose Hunting

Moose Hunting FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What if there is only one hunter and/or three hunters? 
We can take solo hunters and groups of three, however there is an additional charge of $2,500.00 for the empty seat.

How many hunters can you put in a camp? 
We like to drop two hunters per camp. Doing so maximizes your chances of a 100% success rate. We can put up to four hunters per camp, you should realize this minimizes your chance of a 100% success rate.

What is included for the total cost? 
All transportation of hunters, gear and moose in and out of the field is included in cost. Flight to and from Alaska, transportation to Wasilla, Hotels pre and post hunt, Food, hunt gear, hunt license and tags, meat processing/shipping are not included and are the hunter’s responsibility.

Who determines the hunt location? 
We will fly our hunters over a couple of different areas. From this point our hunters decided on the drop location.

Will we see moose on the flight out? 
Most likely we do spot moose on the flight out. However, not always… Just because we don’t see moose doesn’t mean they are not there. Please keep this in mind. 

What is the success rate for your non-guided moose hunts? 
2017 success rate was 73% with bulls ranging in the high 50” to 65” range. 2018 success rate was 63% with the average bulls in the high 50” to 62” range.

Where in Alaska do we commercial flight into? 
You need to fly into and out of Anchorage.

Where does Airventures Alaska flights originate and terminate at? 
All flights depart either from Anchorage and/or Wasilla, Alaska. You will be informed upon booking.

How do we get to Wasilla, Alaska and where do we stay? 
If flights are originating from Wasilla, Alaska our clients will purchase an Uber ride (approx. $90.00) to the Best Western Hotel in Wasilla. We will pick you up lakeside at their dock the following day.

What Units are we hunting? 
The above quoted hunt prices are for Units 16A & 16B and 19C & 19D. We also transport to other units. Pricing available upon request.

What are the antler size restrictions in Units 16? 
To be legal a moose must be larger than 50” or have at least three brow tines on one side. (Hunters are responsible to know and abide by all State of Alaska Fish and Game Regulations.)

How much is a non-resident hunt license and moose harvest ticket? 
2019 Non-resident hunting license is $160.00. Over the counter harvest ticket for moose is $800.00

Can I have my moose processed commercially? 
Yes, several big game processors are located both in Anchorage or Wasilla. Prices vary depending on service.

What happens when I have a moose down? 
Once you have a moose harvested, give us a call or text via satellite phone or satellite messenger. We will do our best to be out the following day to pick up. You must have the meat and horns lakeside for pickup. Remember, all meat comes out of the field prior to horns.

How can I get my meat to the processor while I’m in the field?
As an added service, Airventures Alaska will transport your meat to the processor of your choice at no additional charge.

How much meat can be harvested on the average moose? 
With bone in the front and hind quarters and all other meat, the average weight of a processed moose is between 600 to 650 pounds.

What type of hunting is it spot and stalk or raking and calling? 
Due to the topography of the areas we hunt our hunts are a rake and call type hunt with minimal amounts of spotting.

Do we have to hunt far from camp? 
No, our most successful hunters never hunt very far from camp.

How much weight is allowed per hunter? 
Each hunter is allowed 325lbs…body, food, and gear.

Moose Hunting FAQ

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