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Alaska is truly the land of massive and abundant wild game hunting and fishing for outdoor sportsmen. Join us in fulfilling your Alaskan dream hunting, fishing trip, or other outdoor expedition. Airventures Alaska specializes in taking you to successful remote locations in Alaska for hunting and fishing by float plane to score your adventure. Not a hunter or visiting us out of season? Enjoy an Alaska flightseeing tour around Denali National Park, the Alaska Range, and Mount Denali.

Our location at Wasilla, Alaska is in the epicenter of some of Alaska’s best hunting and fishing adventures for outdoor sportsmen. In Alaska, there are very few roads around, but within an hour flight we can get you hunting for Sheep, Moose, Bear, Caribou, Lake and Rainbow trout, Pike, and 5 species of Salmon for fishing. Or just get away from it all and hike to breathtaking views of Mt. McKinley, waterfalls, sunsets and wildlife viewing areas. Keep in mind that in Alaska, an hour flight takes you over 100 miles from civilization and Alaska is a no-joke land of wilderness, therefore all outdoor enthusiasts who love hunting and fishing in Alaska are highly encouraged to have survival equipment including a first aid kit, food, signaling devices, a satellite phone and GPS.

2019 Hunts – Units 16A & B, $5,500.00 per person. Units 19C & D, $6,500 per person.

2020 Hunts – Units 16A & B, $5,900.00 per person. Units 19C & D, $6,900 per person. 

2 person minimum. 

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