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Anchorage Glacier and Wildlife Tours

By Float Plane

Alaska is glacier country and at Airventures Alaska Tours, we offer spectacular glacier flights by float plane out of Anchorage that take you to one of the most beautiful glacial landscapes on earth.  We only fly a few months out of the year so get out and explore the melt pools, crevasses, and other cool ice features with your pilot and guide, Casey Long.

Unlike most glaciated areas, the Chugach Mountains are home to abundant wildlife. While you’re out on one of our Anchorage float plane glacier tours, there is a good chance you’ll see mountain goats, Dall sheep, moose and in the summer months—bears.

Come and join us for an unforgettable Alaskan glacier flight today!


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Questions To Ask When Embarking On Anchorage, Alaska Glacier and Wildlife Tours 

Glacier Tours. Take a scenic float plane ride and see the Glaciers. Have a chance to see Moose, Mt. Goat, Dall Sheep and Bears!

What Dates Do You Conduct These Tours?
We fly over the glaciers from June 5th thru October 15th.Anchorage Glacier and Wildlife Tours By Float Plane | Casey Long-Pilot
Which Glaciers Will We See?
In the Chugach Mountains we fly over:Anchorage Glacier and Wildlife Tours By Float Plane | Casey Long-Pilot
Whiteout Glacier
Lake George Glacier
Colony Glacier and
Knik Glacier

Triumvirate Glacier

in Tordrillo Mts., formed by junction of three glaciers, trends SW to its terminus 1958, 4 mi. W of Beluga Lake and 32 mi. NW of Tyonek, Alaska Range

Named by S. R. Capps and R. H. Sargent (in Smith and others, 1929, pl. 3), U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), “because this glacier is composed of the joining of three large glaciers.”

How Many People Do We Take?

Up to 4 people. (Weight restrictions apply)

What Are The Costs and Flight Time?

All flights are billed on a charter rate of $800.00/hour.

Charter Rate

Cessna 185 Floatplane.
$800.00/flight hour.
Note: Flight hours are charged out and back.

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