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Trip Packages

Seven Day Airventure

Dates: June 5 thru September 15

Your plane pilot/guide will pick you up at Lake Hood/Anchorage and be with you for seven days and six nights of Salmon and/or Trout Fishing in and around the Illiamna area. Daily fly outs will be provided by your pilot/guide for fishing, bear viewing, photography and hiking. Guided trips include overnight accommodations, meals, spinning rods, tackle, hip boots and a shore lunch. Fly fisherman please bring your preferred gear. (Fishing License not included)

$8,400.00 per person.  7 days/6 nights. Three person minimum. Up to five people (weight restrictions apply).

Our tour packages are designed for a personalized small group experience. Our activities take you into Alaska’s remote areas for chances to photograph bears, caribou, moose, eagles, waterfowl, salmon, tundra, glaciers, waterfalls, mountains, and much more. 

While you enjoy Alaska and its vast wilderness areas by day, each evening you will enjoy an  Alaskan,   full service wilderness lodge.

Not Included: Airfare between your home and Alaska. Liquor not served by Airventures Alaska, fishing licenses, gratuities where appropriate. (This is at your discretion.)

Drop off Float Trips

Airventures Alaska offers Air Taxi services and outfitting options for remote Alaska float trips.

(Includes drop off, pick up, and raft. Prices based on party multiples of three persons) 

Talachulitna River – $975 per person
Lake Creek River – $1075 per person

Float trips are a great way to escape the crowds and enjoy a real wilderness experience. Airventures Alaska transports you and your equipment to the headwaters of the remote river of your choice. Inflatables float you downstream, quietly drifting while casting to many species of fish. Camping each night along the river offers time to relax and provides great fishing and wildlife sightseeing opportunities.

Airventures Alaska can completely outfit you with the equipment required for your unguided adventure or arrange the guide support you require for your trip. Please contact us for pricing. Typical trips are scheduled for 3 to 7 days. Prices vary with river location, length of trip, rentals and guide services desired.

For a custom trip consider combining your rafting adventure with a fixed base camp, lodge stay, bear viewing or other fly-out fishing destination.

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